Monday, April 18, 2011

worms, rain, puddles, splashing, rainboots

So for the past forever it has been raining in Logan.  This means I get to wear my rainboots!

Oh how I love these things!  I get to walk through ginormous puddles in the road.  And when the puddles are ginormous they are super deep!  Love.  I also get to jump in puddles with them too!  I try to be courteous and not jump in them if other people are around me.  Somehow, today on campus I found an awesome puddle AND no one was around...or at least close enough to be splashed.  These are probably the best thing I've bought all year.  Look!  You can buy some here.  Or here are my spotty ones :)  Oh.  And buying the fleece liners are great too.  So much easier to stuff your jeans into and they're warm.

The rain is glorious!  So much better than snow.  It's not super cold outside.  It's not overly hot.  I get puddles to splash in.  I get to wear my rainboots.  But...with the rain comes something else....

So worms have never bothered me before.  I've seen them.  I bet I've even touched one (or more).  But for some reason last night and today they have really grossed me out.  They are everywhere.  Last night I was walking home from ward prayer, and if I remember right....they made me scream.  Well, not quite scream...but I wasn't too calm about it.  Maybe part of it had to do with my shoe coming off.  There are at least six+ on every square of sidewalk.  And even more in the cracks (that's where the smart ones live so their guts don't get splattered everywhere).

Talking about worms makes me think about this song:

Now you all know where dirt comes from!

Although rain makes worms come to play and messes up hair, it's a wonderful thing.  All the plants get water to help them grow.  I get puddles to jump in.  The sound of rain is beautiful, especially when it pours.  The air is nice and cool, but not cold.  Just make sure you have the right clothes and you're good to go!

As you can tell, I'm lovin' these April showers!

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  1. Hi, your Rainboots are really cool,I'd love to see you wearing them with denim Shorts.



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