Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just In Case You Wanted a Little Taste of Heaven

Chocolate Mint Snow-Top Cookies.  Mmmm.  Delicious.

So today I finally used up the rest of the cookie dough in my freezer.  These are amazing.  Want to make them?  Click here.

So today I finally met with an advisor about my schedule.  I guess I'll listen to most of what she said and explore my options this fall.  I have two directions I might want to go and they don't relate to one another.  One is pretty straightforward and I could figure it out, plus most of what I've done should count I think.  But I'm more intrigued by the other direction.

I'm glad I have a friend who is willing to listen to me whine and complain.  I was talking to him and said how I just wish someone would tell me what to do with my life.  Ever since forever teachers and counselors have told me, "You can be whatever you want to be!"  No.  That's not the answer I want.  Today I got more of the same.  Sometimes I wish I didn't get the perfect grades so there would be an obvious area I excel at.  It's not good for me to have so many options.  I'm indecisive.  I tend to second guess myself.  I just end up feeling frustrated and that I'm wasting my (and others') time and money.

People say I don't have to have it all figured out now.  And I agree.  I don't.  Not now.  Not tomorrow.  But soon I will.  And what's the point of wasting all of this?  I feel like this semester has pretty much been a joke and really hasn't counted towards anything.  At least academic-wise.  I wouldn't change the social aspect of the last month or so for anything.

Next August will bring many changes - roommates, classes, friends {you dang missionaries!} and probably other aspects I can't imagine right now.  It might be hard to adjust, but I'll be able to do it.  And eventually, I'll be able to figure my life and school out.  Just not tonight.  And that's okay.


  1. i ate the last one. muah ha ha ha. however, it was the only one i had. =(


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