Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lagoon and Birthdays

***** summary:  weekend.  play at lagoon for cheap.  sleepover at kylee's.  celebrate several birthdays.  see below if you want to be bored with the details. *****

birthday week!  Happy 19 everyone!

So this weekend the roommates + Aaron + Tyler + Tony headed down to Farmington to play for the weekend.  As we were leaving Logan it was raining a lot and we were thinking our plans might get rained out...but we decided to go anyway.  What are our plans you may ask?  To play at Lagoon with $10 passes!

So I drive home and say hi to my mom since I hadn't seen her for a few weeks and pick up money for a parking pass....and well let's say I came home to an awesome surprise.  I'll wait to say what it is until I have a picture...but let's say I was shocked and think it's nothing short of a miracle.  Oh.  And I had a late graduation present on my bed from relatives.  That was a pretty awesome discovery too :)

But anyway, back to the weekend.  So we go play at Lagoon.  Seriously $10 is an awesome deal.

The weather was fabulous.  It wasn't raining.  It wasn't gray.  In fact, it was sunny and warm!  So glad I left my hoodie in the car.  There were no lines either!  Well, not bad anyway.  We got to ride pretty much every ride we wanted, some even multiple times.  I really believe whether or not you have fun at Lagoon depends on who you go with.  This group was a blast.

I also rode Skycoaster for the first time.  So glad Tony and Shayna went with me.  And that I didn't have to pull the cord that would send me to my death.  It was so high!  I was laughing the whole way up {my reaction when I'm scared}.  And then I screamed and laughed my whole way down.  But it was super fun and I would totally do it again.

So after our 4 hours at Lagoon were done we headed over to Kylee's house.  Scott, her dad, made us some delicious hamburgers {and I'm not even a hamburger person!}  And then we went outside to play basketball.  Let's just say I was awful and reached monkey first...but in my defense I started out with a letter since I joined a few shots in.  Plus it was all in fun!  Tyler made some insane shots.  At least 3 or 4 of them...if not more.  I have no idea how, but it was super fun to watch.

When it got too dark to play anymore we headed over to Yogurt Stop.

I pull into the parking lot...and I see a truck I recognize.  I was pretty excited.  As I'm walking up to the door I'm looking inside...and I'm not seeing the owners of said vehicle.  Then, I get inside and I see them getting their toppings, backs toward me.  I was going to yell at Dan...but changed my mind and yelled "Eryka!" instead.  So I stop and say hi to them and tell them I left some cookies back at my parents house for them.  And then I let them get back to their double date and I get my froyo.  The seven of us shove onto the two little couches and have a grand ol' time.

On our way back I swing by Sarah's so she can come join in on the fun.  We head back to Kylee's and we listen to her dad tell stories and eventually watch Taken.  Except I fell asleep...I was exhausted from little sleep the night before.

This brings us to Sunday!  Also, the kickoff of birthday week!

Sunday was Aaron's birthday.  It was filled with breakfast at Kylee's house, church in Logan, and spending time with his favorite girls across the hall {aka my room}.  Oh.  And a mid-life crisis.  Long story short.  He brought his brownie pan over {all edges} and he leaves for 45 minutes.  Seth gives us the idea to hide it so we do.  He comes back, asking if he had brought it over.  He goes back and digs through his apartment.  He comes back frustrated.  Katie puts it back in his room and he was pretty happy to find it...but not so happy with us.  It's more of a you-had-to-be-there.  He was pretty distressed about it.  I decided to be nice and make brownies for him.  It was his birthday after all.

He decides he wants to watch Hot Rod for his birthday.  We can't find it anywhere.  No one owns it.  Or it's loaned out.  We settle on playing games instead.  We always play card games haha.  This time around it was Mormon Bridge.  What Seth didn't let Aaron know was that he DID find Hot Rod.  So we keep playing our game....and finally Seth pulls out the case.  Aaron dove across the table.  He was so excited.  We convince him to go to ward prayer {raining once again.  lots of worms. see?} and then come back and watch it.  He was pretty much like a little kid on Christmas.  I forgot how funny this movie is.  It's pretty super.

And today is another birthday.  Actually, it's two birthdays.  Katie and Kylee!  Our apartment is decorated all cute.  Green and purple streamers everywhere.  And they both love bacon...so Sarah made them a birthday cake...in the shape of bacon!  I would put a picture up...but they haven't seen it yet, so that'll have to wait until later.  And then it's Tyler's birthday Friday...and Carson's will be here the next week.

I better go find some motivation to do homework or something productive since I missed chemistry today.  The end of school is near which means finals are coming....

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