Wednesday, April 20, 2011

birthdays, ice blocking, fall

So yesterday was Katie and Kylee's birthday!  I have to admit they had a pretty awesome birthday.  Sarah made them a cake - in the shape of bacon!  {it's their favorite food}

Aren't they adorable?
So Katie has a pretty awesome uncle.  He does something (owns/manages/I'm not sure...?) with a pizza place.  So we got $70 worth of pizza {for free} and had a party.  Tony stole my camera and took some pictures...he's not a great picture taker.  Here are the two pictures that I approve of that he took.

Our festivities were pretty laid-back.  I think we only had the six of us + Aaron, Tyler, Seth, Carson, Tony, Kevin, and Garen come over.  And if I forgot some one I'm sorry.  We ate pizza and ice cream and bacon cake.  We kinda just sat around and talked and entertained ourselves.

So the guys across the hall play this game.  It's basically a staring contest.  They'll make direct eye contact with someone and whoever breaks it first gets a point.  Except no one keeps track.  Really it's just the satisfaction of winning.  Seth and I made direct eye contact and we knew the game was on.  I'm pretty sure he never loses whatever game he plays, so with this being said, I was determined to win.  I think this round lasted probably around 10 minutes is my best felt like forever.  I put forth a valiant effort, but alas, I failed.  I'm pretty sure he knows all my deepest, darkest secrets from staring into my soul.  But he hasn't said he must be a good secret keeper.

So after the party died down at our place, Tony got the brilliant idea to go ice blocking.  So we grabbed towels and ice blocks and headed to Old Main.

We were smart.  We avoided the trees.  It was a lot of fun.  Most people ended up falling off though.  I did pretty well and stayed on the majority of the time.  My last time down I biffed it pretty hard.  My neck is still a little sore...but it was worth it :)

But we couldn't ice block all night long...I had to get back by midnight.  No, I wasn't going to turn into a pumpkin...I had to register for classes for the fall.  17 credits.  A bit changed from here...but actually pretty close to the same.  I don't have to wake up for a 7:30 class :)  I registered for it...but then I decided having English at 3 would be better for my schedule...and for my sleep.

Tuesdays and Thursdays might kill me with the whole being on campus until 4:15...5 classes Tuesday and 4 Thursday...and they're long classes {75 minutes instead of 50}  But Monday and Wednesday I'll have 2 and Friday I'll have 1.  Glorious.

Hello "exploration" semester.  I can't wait to become acquainted with you.  You'll bring some much needed change {and maybe some unneeded change too...but it'll be okay} :)

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