Tuesday, April 5, 2011

then and now

then = last summer
now = today (April)
Usually when a person looks through pictures, it triggers memories.  Sometimes if they're just of yourself, you don't really remember what was going on in your life.  It's not a fun trip to California.  It's not playing at a park.  It's sitting home being bored.  I remembered I took this picture last summer, so I looked at the date.  The exact date it was taken kind of surprised me.  Of all the days of summer, it had to be the one I remember the most.  Weird.

Then Kelly and Now Kelly are very different.  No it's not just the hair color or length.  It's not the clothes.
Well. . .those things ARE different. . .but it's not just the outside that has changed.  Inside has changed too.  I could name off a few huge things, but. . .well. . .the Internet is a very public place.
Here is a vague list:
  • I've learned lots of new things.  What about you may ask?  The topics are endless.
    • school -  arts and music, psychology, sociology, humanities, history, horticulture (plants), nutrition, chemistry, balancing work and family, and computers. . .actually, scratch that.  I learned nothing in my computer class
    • people - so many things...but we'll leave it at that
    • cooking, cleaning, living life away from home
    • me - probably the biggest and most important one
Okay. . . so I thought my list would be bigger. . .I guess that's what I get for not going into detail about each thing.  Never would I want to go back and relive the past nine or so months.  I have had some great times, I admit.  But the memories suffice.  Sure, some of the things sucked to learn, but the best way to learn is by living through something.  When you read, see, or hear about an experience it doesn't mean as much.  And it doesn't stick with you.  They say hindsight is 20/20.  Who knows when something will become completely 20/20. . .but each day it becomes a little clearer.

With experience comes wisdom (haha I had to google the difference between knowledge and wisdom...I've gained knowledge too!)  And with all this wisdom and knowledge comes a happier Kelly.  At least as of lately :)

Peace out Chuck Wood

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