Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biggest Loser!

umm...yeah I've been on kinda a posting binge lately.  Sorry.  But this is actually blog worthy.

So.  Tonight we went to Golden Corral (not for the food...btw their food sucks).  We went to see some of the Biggest Loser contestants!  Most of us watch the show not quite religiously...but pretty close (I'm still a few episodes behind...thank goodness for Hulu!)  We thought it would be fun to go meet everyone...and it was!

My roommates made it a priority to see Brett.  They're in love with him...
Looks like we'll be going to work out with him tomorrow night.
I would have loved to have a chance to talk to Kaylee.  She seems like she'd be pretty cool.
But...instead of getting to talk to Kaylee we were pulled over to Austin!
Courtney was pretty cool.  She practically had her own little fan club set up haha :)
Watching Janie greet her was pretty fabulous too.
So...we all want Moses for our dad.
So this picture...I was creeper mcgee.
"Oh you guys are adorable!  Can I get a picture of you two together?!"
and then they invited me to be in it haha...
Arthur.  Definitely my favorite to talk to.  He was so personable and fun.
"Hey pretty ladies!  You're not coming to see me?!" (we were in line for Moses)
Then later... "How could anyone not like this?  You get to hug pretty ladies all night"  Or something to that extent...But...he also has to listen to weird people tell him their whole life story.  Luckily we fall into the pretty ladies category :)
Deni is so tiny.  She has lost a lot of weight.  She looks good though!
And...she stole our water.  But it's cool.

And here's Sarah....and Shayna is standing next to me...but you wouldn't know that from this picture.
Justin was there too...but we didn't take a picture with him.

All these people looked so good!  It's so neat to watch people change their lives.  And the funny thing is I don't even know these people...but you can't help to be anything but happy for them.  Even with all their hard work I don't think most of them fit society's ideal of "perfect," but I think that's part of what makes them real.

It's weird to find out the random connections to these people too.  I went to high school with Deni's son.  My sister worked at Spanky's during high school with Sarah.  Moses fixed Shayna's garage door.  Kylee has seen Justin and Rulon at Macey's while working.  Janie's sister went to something...I don't remember what...but apparently learned a lot about the show from Rulon.  So now I know Rulon's opinion on the show and who is in the final four.

But and my roommates are dorky, but we had lots of fun.

Peace out Chuck Wood

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