Saturday, April 9, 2011

Workout with Brett!

So Thursday night the girls and I went to Mount Logan Middle School.  Why might you ask?  To work out with Brett of course!  Wednesday night they were handing out cards that said they were holding the class and we thought we would give it a shot.  As we were leaving the apartment we saw the boys across the hall and Janie told them, "Don't be surprised if we come back super models!"

So we show up in our lovely workout attire and wait (we got there early + they were running late).  Finally, everyone shows up (and by everyone I mean Brett, Deni, Sarah, Justin, Moses, and Kaylee) and we begin.

Now...I'm not really a huge fan of working out.  Growing up it was never something I really excelled at compared to others, (and yes, I know I shouldn't compare myself, but, especially as a kid, it's practically inevitable), so I didn't really find enjoyment in something I sucked at.

Brett was a different story.  Now, we all know Brett is a beautiful human being.  As one of my neighbors said, "Brett is so easy on the eyes." :)  And, we were lucky enough to be close to the front.  He kept walking around and would pause and workout by people.  I probably could have reached out and touched him six or seven times.  You're jealous, I know.

But, his beauty was not what made the workout enjoyable.  (Did I just use workout and enjoyable next to each other?)  I just don't think I've done anything that was quite his method before.  We did a lot of punching and kicking.  He used jumping jacks a lot to transition.  There was some stuff that I don't remember what he called it...and then there were lunges and squats (Booty time! haha).  Plus, it was nice that everyone could work at their own level.  There was a broad range of people - from those who look like they work out every day to those who look like they've never worked out a day in their life, but are ready for a change.

All my roommates were really glad we went!  We had tons of fun.  It really didn't feel like we spent an hour or so, but we did.  We (may or) may not have come back as super models, but we did come back in super awesome moods :)

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