Sunday, April 10, 2011

odds and ends

Lately life has been busy.  Nothing too exciting...but here's what I've been up to:

  • 3 tests in the past week and a half.  And I got a 91, 92, and a 96 on them.  Who knows how I managed to pull that off...but I'm not complaining :)
  • Assigning the roommates a day to attend Humanities.  Most days are a joke and going is pointless.
    • I go Monday...nothing happens.  That class is a joke.
    • Wednesday- Katie goes.  I stay home to finish studying for my sociology test.  They do an in-class quiz and the teacher gives them all the answers. That quiz will get them out of taking the next take-home test. Ugh.
    • Friday- Kylee goes.  I think about going...but sleep sounds so much better since I'm sick.  Conover decides that our class is going to do in-class response papers.  Looks like I won't be ditching anymore.
    • At the start of the semester Katie, Kylee, Kevin, and I were really good about going.  As time went on Kylee and I were pretty good about going (Katie was too...but not quite as good as me and Ky).
    • About a month ago Conover said she wouldn't take attendance anymore because she doesn't like seeing sour faces or something like that and that she doesn't care if we come to class anymore.  So we took that as an invitation to not attend class as dedicatedly (although we still try to get at least one person to go).  Now, she probably said it out of frustration/irritation...but still.
  • Not having to go down to Bountiful for work at all this past week.  Hello money not used for gas :)
  •'s snowed pretty much all day for the past 3+ days.  It's looked gorgeous outside.  But, I'm kinda sick of walking through it while it's snowing.  Although my eyes may be a fan my hair is not
  • Go with the roommates to see people from Biggest Loser (here) and work out with them (here)
  • People reading too much into me being nice.  I can be nice for the sake of being nice.
  • Being sick.  I think it started hitting Wednesday...but I couldn't really tell until Friday.  Last night was not too great on the being sick front...but it didn't keep me home.  I think it's just a cold, but throw a sinus headache (I think) and it is no bueno.  Luckily Tylenol helped...guess I'll be going to get cold medicine tomorrow.
  • Realizing things about myself.
  • Realizing that even though I have the most difficulty getting along with Steph out of all my siblings...I'm going to miss her when she gets married and she and the girls move out.  Ogden's not far...but it's not as close as downstairs.
  • My to-do list!  It's not all that impressive...but
    •  I've gotten the appointments I needed set up
    • I replanted Spencer (the name stuck) in a bigger pot.  Hopefully he's happy and will start growing bigger.  He had some thick roots.  He now lives in a bigger, happy yellow container.
    • I cleaned up my room. It usually just consists of putting my clothes away and it looks much better
    • Acing my tests
  • Hanging out with people.  Well...people pretty much consists of my roommates (minus one most the time) and the boys across the hall...and sometimes other random people added in.  A lot of nights we stay up way too late.  Here's what we like to do
    • Watch Tangled
    • Play card games
    • Play Mexican Train
    • Go bowling
      • Sorry.  Tangent.  Why do I always do worse my second game?  Everyone else improves.  I, however, do not.  My first game I tied for second place at 101 out of nine of us.  (I broke 100!!! without bumpers even!) :)  Second game...I don't remember my score...but it was like in the 70s.  It was the worst score out of people who bowled seriously.  Oh well.
    • Watch The Mask of Zorro (I think that's the one...if not..some Zorro movie)
    • Make and eat brownies
    • "Do homework" aka sit in the hall and get next to nothing accomplished
    • Plan exciting adventures for next weekend.  Hello Lava Hot Springs and Lagoon.
    • Any other exciting or non-exciting things we decide to do
Yeah...that's pretty much what my past few days have consisted of. 
Oh.  And here's a dinosaur.  Just because I like them.
Oh.  And here's a dinosaur.  Just because I like them.

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